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Monday 2 August 2010

Auf Weiedersehen

Yep! I'm off to Germany on holiday this morning so may have gone by the time you read this.  As I said, hopefully I will still be able to keep in touch but will have to see how it goes.  I haven't scheduled any posts as my way of working is to panic think of a craft late at night and then do it!  

Tonight I had an idea for my book.  I like the idea of playing with the pages as they are, as well as altering them completely.  So tonight I hole punched two giant holes in a page and turned the circles of type around:
I made a mistake though.  I used gel medium to stick the circles back in the book but the paintbrush I used had a tiny bit of blue paint still on the bristles and has tinted the gel medium and the book!  Oops!

This is the other side of the page:
If you wanted to (I don't!) still read whats on these pages you could still work it out but I just like the interesting effect it has given the text. I think it would have been even better without the blue but I still have the option to stick these pages to other pages if I don't like it.

As I am not very organised and we have had my inlaws visiting for most of the day, I still have some last minute packing to do! :-O   

Have a great week whatever you are doing,


furrypig said...

Hope you have and are having a great holiday xxx

Julie (elysia2003) said...

Have a lovely time, and take care! xxx

Marg said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday! x

Carmen said...

I actually thought you had inked the circles! Great effect.

Have an amazing time *g* Told my OH last night I'm taking my sketch book and class notes away with me. He just doesn't get it ;)

Uma said...

have a lovely holiday

Kandi said...

Have a wonderful time x
Kandi x

Melanie Marshall said...

Have a great time!! :D I thought the circles looked like looking at the page through a magnifying glass... don't know why!!

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