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Saturday 14 August 2010

Summer Holiday Special - Part 4

Onto Part 4 of my Summer Holiday Activity Series.  Please see Parts 1-3 for further activities I did in 2005 with my children, then aged 5 and 3. 

The next activity we did was:
Go to a Party Shop and try on fancy dress!  No, that's not really a legitimate activity...

The next real activity was...
We dressed up and went to the local library to their Pirate Event!  Libraries do have events going on in the holidays, see what events your local library has on for children during the holidays.

Because it was raining on the way back....
the next activity was:
Den making with furniture in the front room
..Add some sheets on top...
..and crawl inside!

And when your dad comes home with a gigantic foam rocket, DON'T take it outside to play with:
Just put it in the launcher...
and let it BANG onto the ceiling!..
This concludes Part 4 of this series.  More to come shortly.
Hope you found this series useful,


K said...

Loving this series, & I see a reoccuring theme, RAIN!! Well it wouldnt be a british summer without it now would it

Nicky Stevenson said...

Glad you are liking this K.
This was only the first few days of the holiday - I've got LOADS more activities to show yet. I'll be putting more on later on today.

True about the rain. We are certainly paying for that early bit of sun we got this year!

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