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Monday 5 July 2010

Waste Not...

Today I have made something using the waste from another craft I did (shines my Green halo!).   Regular readers may remember the Simpsons Fridge Magnets I made a couple of months ago.  Well, when I cut around them off the A4 magnetic paper there was some waste magnetic paper left over.  I actually kept that and used it to make these:

Admitedly, the drawings weren't made by me, they were from a children's colouring book.  I coloured in the pictures with bright highlighting pens, stuck them onto the scrap magnetic paper and cut around each one.   The boring brown filing cabinet that I have put them on to (he,he) is part of a 3 drawer cabinet that came with our house when we bought it.  The brown is FAR to dull a colour to be in our household of big kids so I've livened it up with these bright magnets.  I'm sure the little kids will like them when they see them tomorrow!

The second drawer of the filing cabinet was already embellished:
..with Spongebob and pals.

My sons are into Arts Week at school this week and the subject is 'The Caribbean'.  I'm going in to help tomorrow, wonder what we will be doing? (Sings, 'Oh, I'm going to Barbados..')

See you tomorrow,


Unknown said...

Love your fridge magnets . Made me chuckle xx

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