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Saturday 3 July 2010

Craft Equipment Organisation

After being so inspired the other day with Dina Wakley's blog, I decided that I need to start making more use of the many stencils that I have accumulated over the years.  I also need to find a good way of storing them (any ideas?) and a good way of cataloguing what I have.

This (cataloging), is what I started to do tonight (but admitedly, got distracted by internet craft shopping so didn't get very far!)  I drew around the shapes and coloured them in:

(Regulars may remember me purchasing this set of stencils from QVC about a month back). 

I have got LOADS of stencils, quite a few of which are alphabets, many of which have been charity shop finds.   I have already got a book that catalogues my rubber and clear stamps, this one will show me my collection of stencils.  The book I made for the stamp collection was made from a Gift Bag.  If I make this type for the stencils I will be able to show you how you can make it.  Just give me a day or two to get the materials and I'll put a tutorial together.  

This is the stamp book:
Made from this giftbag:
See you tomorrow,


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