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Friday 9 July 2010

Crafty Equipment File Tutorial

A few days ago I mentioned I was going to put a tutorial on about how to make a file for cataloguing your rubber stamps or stencils.

This is the one I made a while back for recording my rubber stamp collection:

I showed forum members on the scrapbooking thread of mse how I made it from a giftbag. 

This is a couple of pages from the inside:

 Today I made another one of these with a slight variation, this one opens sideways.


1. First of all you need to get yourself a giftbag that is big enough to store your paper in:

(This one was £2.49 but I saw they sold some different types in our local pound shop)

2. Cut a front page and back page (both the same size) from the front and back of the giftbag. (Add on a bit for folding over).
3. Then, using your cutout pieces as a template, cut out some cardboard the same size (minus the add on) and stick your patterned paper onto one side of  the cardboard.

This shows the paper stuck onto the cardboard.  I used my trusty ATG Glue Gun to stick the patterned paper onto the cardboard.  When you do this, make sure you only roll the gun in ONE direction, just saying thats all... (don't wreck your tape by trying to do it in the opposite direction like me!)  Alternatively, use a different type of glue.

4.  Cover both inside pages with plain coloured paper - I chose purple to match the star gifttag shown above.  I also cut two additional strips to use for decoration on the front of the file. 

5.  Place your inside pages in position and mark where you need to make your bookring holes - I used my Big Bite to make the holes.  Thread a couple of bookrings through the holes you have made.

This finished picture shows the inside pages with the stencils inside the page protectors and bookrings threaded through all the pages.

6.  Finish off by decorating the front
(I added the strips of coloured paper I'd cut and the gift tag that came with the bag)

(Just needs some more labels and some corner protectors)

Hope these instructions are clear enough, and as Neil Buchanan would say, "Try it Yourself.  Your very own gift bag scrapbook."

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow,


Gem said...

ooh what a great idea! I must make something similar for my rubber stamps, I keep 'meaning' to get round to it but naturally something more interesting always takes preference! ;) xx

Kandi said...

Nicky, that's really effective! I did hear Neil's voice when I read your words :)

Thanks so much for your kind words on yesterday's post xxx
Kandi x

Twiggy said...

Wow fab tutorial what a great idea. will defo have a go at that when we've finished weeding :)
Twiggy x

furrypig said...

that is such a good idea and I am so unorganised!! But might do it one of these days!

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