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Thursday 8 July 2010

New Papermania Hot Foils

Tonight my creative task has been to try out the new Papermania Hot Foils Sets that I bought whilst shopping yesterday:
The materials
It claims to be different from other foiling sets "Not just your basic foil!".  

The foiling instructions say:
* Stamp image onto thin card or paper.
*Cover with Hot Foil Adhesive Pen or Bonding Powder while ink is wet.
*Shake off any excess powder (if foiling by hand, use heat tool to set).
*Cover image with your choice of foil, shiny side up.
*Cover foil with paper or thin card.
*For best results pass through a hot laminator.
*Remove cover sheet to reveal the foiled design.

Different to the foiling I've done in the past then.  I don't know if you have done foiling before but when I have done it previously I just drew my design with a clear glue,  waited for 2 hours for it to become tacky and then placed the foil over the top.

* * *
LATER: Um, yes, well!  The good thing about them is that they are ubershiny! Really glittery, you can even see the glitter on these photos whereas glitter is difficult to photograph normally:
The bad thing?  The glittery shine got everywhere!  It's like embossing powder that goes in all the places you don't want it to.  For the butterfly I used the Hot Foils pen but didn't leave it to dry long enough so that is why the wing is broken.  Not sure why the snowflake didn't work?

It was still quite fun - I also liked finding another use for my laminator, but I need to experiment a bit more, work out what went wrong.  The effect is dazzling so its worth persevering with on another day.

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theboelemas@aol.com said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures with hot foiling. The snowflake looks really good in the picture btw. x

Kandi said...

Oh wow, that is really effective!
Kandi x

Gem said...

looks like you had fun with those Nicky! they look fab :) xx

leia said...

Ooh I brought this yesterday so it's interesting to see how you got on! I found that the whole piece of foil left residue, which is a shame as the actual image was lovely x

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