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Saturday 17 July 2010

Weather Blues?

What a great day I've had today, I took my two boys around a couple of houses to see some art as part of Warwickshire Arts Week and they didn't complain once!  The first house we went to they were giving away free juice and Doritos so of course they happily tucked into those!  I loved the textural paintings of the sea on display but unfortunately the artist that made them had injured her back putting the pictures on the wall. 

The second house was a little boy's dream house, it had a fascinating overgrown garden with masses of den making appeal and all sorts of weird and wonderful objects in all its nooks and cranies.  We were first directed into the cellar of the house with torches where there was some 'Installation Art' which were large negatives in frames that you shine your torch onto to see.   To top that there was this interesting outhouse building like a tree house on two levels complete with dodgy wooden stairs.  On the outside of  this 'treehouse' it had lots of objects buried into the walls like watches, calculators and gargoyles wearing glasses!  The elderly lady that owned the house was the artist and she gave us cherries from her garden whilst we sat in her sitting room surrounded by more fascinating objects and artwork.

As we were leaving we spotted a figure made out of bicycle inner tubes. The whole place was like the stuff  you imagine out of Enid Blyton type books and left us with a lasting memory (but no photos, forgot my camera!)
* * * * *
On to my craft for today:
(The sentiments say 'Sorry you're feeling under the weather' and 'Wishing you a brighter tomorrow')

It was made with a new stamp set I've recently purchased in the Elzybells Closing Down Sale.  There's another stamp in the set  that I fancy using one day, it says, 'Just singing in the Rain'.  For this card I used aqua promarkers and a water brush for the rain effect.

Thanks for reading my extra long post today!
See you tomorrow,


artydoll said...

Wow that okd lady artists home sounds amazing ,ho wonder your boys enjoyed it,sounds a childrens paradise,just my kind of place,lol.
your card is so cute ,well done

Carmen said...

What an absolutely amazing sounding day - those houses sound fantastic.

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