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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Late Xmas Card!

Where does the time go?!  I was happily browsing Money Saving Expert like you do(!) and the time disapeared before my very eyes!  I have had to do a rapid craft tonight which is why this Christmas Card is not complete - its a 'Work in Progress'.

I will show you the finished card as I'm still working on it right now (or rather when I've finished writing this!)

(Scanned image)

I've had a bad day today, I've had a phone call from the Cub Camp saying that I've got to pick up my older son up because he's been too naughty for them to let him stay!  :-O    So tomorrow I've got an 8 hour car journey with my father-in-law and younger son down to Southampton to pick him up!  Grrrrr!  Not happy!

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow,

EDIT: Think I should have left it as it was! I added some more snowflakes and old fashioned glitter, but now it looks like a child has done it! :-(  Think I'm tired!:


Julie (elysia2003) said...

Oh dear! I hope you have a safe journey. BTW the card looks great already! xxx

Kandi said...

Oh dear I imagine there will be words once you get there! I think that card is fab too.
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

I'm back! It was difficult being angry with my son because he had lots of lecturing from the Cub Leaders whilst I was there and then he became ill, just before he got in the car. He has been sick 5times and I'm wondering whether its food poisoning!

Uma said...

looks fine to me

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Crafters. I've looked at the card in daylight and it is fine. Must have been my tiredness and mood last night.

Addams said...

Lovely card. Glad your journey went well. Hope your son feels better soon

Carmen said...

Card looks good to me - nice to see one using different colours than the usual greens and red.

So sorry to read about DS. Maybe being poorly made him play up - What do they expect when you get a group of excited boys on a trip though? There is going to be some hi jinks surely?

Nicky Stevenson said...

I agree with you Carmen and think they should be able to handle a bit of mischief! It costs us a fortune in petrol picking him up too. I was a bit angry at them (but not too them! :-( ) for making us do this and if he hadn't have been ill I would have considered it a complete waste of time. It was two ladies in their 50's running the cubs, maybe they needed a firm but stricter male!

Carmen said...

Totally unprepared by the sound of it. I can imagine if something like that happened with us. Craig would go mental - he already has a heart attack every time we fill the car up.

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