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Wednesday 21 July 2010

Teacher Postcard

I am really tired, I've had a long day and a good part of it was spent trying to sort out the background on this blog.(see previous post).

I've just made up a quick postcard type of card for my elder son's teacher.  She is leaving the school this year and its a real shame, she was one of my favourites.  I was hoping my younger son would have her teaching him too.

Anyway, this is the picture that will go on the card:

(Original picture from 'E' blog)

I decided to let the teacher think about the holiday she has coming up rather than the school just gone!  I'll put a 'thank you' message inside.

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Yay good to see your old blog background back.

The card is lovely, I hate it when my favourite teachers leave too. A brilliant one lft my middle dd's school not long ago to take up a head teacher post at another local school. She was fantastic.

Carmen said...

Nicky, just posted this on my FB but thought you might like to get one for DS. http://www.nesquik-imaginationstation.co.uk/gallery/ Free art pack if you upload some of his creativity ;)

Nicky Stevenson said...

Yay! I've managed to get the new code for this background early on this morning from TCBOTB before it was clogged up. Fingers crossed it works on Friday!

Thanks for that link too Carmen, I'll get my two on the case. Looks like they've got some creative ideas for the school hols too.

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