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Thursday 29 July 2010

New to You!

I've decided on my theme and title for my altered book, it is 'New to You'.  What it'll be about will be artistic techniques that are new to me.  I plan to scour the internet and youtube and my existing sketchbooks and notebooks and find some techniques that I haven't tried yet.  This book will be a way of showcasing what I've learned, in other words an extension of this blog! lol.

Tonight I just did this quickly, but its not a final idea:

I've been looking at youtube today under the subject of altered books and found out what I needed to do next.  This was to glue some of the pages together so each page that I work on is thicker.  This is especially important if I am going to paint on them or add 3d elements...

So I got the materials together:
Some Gel Medium, a brush, some waxed paper and the book.

Fortunately this technique meant I only had to glue the edges of the pages, not each individual page.  I stuck 5 pages together, but the one on the video I watched joined 50! (or was it 15?)
I stuck the gel medium to all three sides and put wax paper on either side to stop them sticking to the other pages.
Then I put a weight on it whilst it dried.

With drying time it is going to take quite a while to do the whole book. I've done about half today.

In the top picture, I just stamped some images onto a page of another old book, cut them out and lay them on to one of the pages on this book.  It's not a finished idea yet, but I liked the way the text was bigger in the stamped images than in the original text.  I also like the way that the pictures look with printed words in them. I've seen them alot in Blogworld and they look effective.

Glad to report that my son is back to normal now, eating fine and no high temperature.  That is a relief!

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

haha, I had to take a double look to see that the pics were stuck on, they just blended in so well with the page - looking fab!

Kandi said...

Your ideas are amazing, I don't know how you manage to keep it up!
I hate the idea of books being broken up but this is looking great!
Kandi x

Carmen said...

It's coming along brilliantly. I love the theme. Good to read that DS is feeling better too.

Uma said...

looke like an interesting idea, I like script patterns

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