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Wednesday 7 July 2010

How are you feeling today? (And Shopping!)

What kind of mood are you in today?  Had a good day so far?  Today for my craft I've been mounting some animal pictures I got from photography magazines a long time ago. 

I just love the personalities the animals show in these photos:
Feeling a bit sorry for himself?
What a grump!
Awww! Insecure.
Oh, that is SO funny!
Ahhh! It MUST BE time for a lie down now!

I haven't stuck them down yet, I'm thinking some of them would look better with a white border.

And here is the whole collection:
Which one are you?

* * * * *

On to shopping and I haven't had a shopping post for ages so I'm well overdue!

Today I got the following:
Papermania craft items including Hot Foil stuff, which is their latest thing, apparently.  I went into my usual Docrafts supplier today and I was invited into their store room  :-O  to see the goodies they haven't put out yet!  Their new Christmas range and Summer goodies are coming out together!  10% off it was, but that's not just for me, I think its a nationwide thing.

In the middle, we have a BIG ceramic 'Pixie Lodge' door and windows for sticking onto a tree or somewhere outside.  This will be to make a fantasy area in the garden. I hadn't heard of these until I saw K's blog entry this morning.  What a lovely idea for young children. 
This lot costs me £4 from a charity shop... and no, the door doesn't really open. I love the old wood effect though.

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

Those doors are fab! they'd look so great on a tree, reminds me of the Faraway Tree.

Thanks for the thought hun, & it is the thought that counts :) How weird that you spotted them on the same day. I actually dreamt last night about making clay bricks to do an arch for the door to go in, think I have fairy doors on the brain!

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