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Tuesday 20 July 2010

Buttons, Buttons & More Buttons!

I love buttons! Fortunately for me, they are still quite 'in fashion' in the crafting world and if I could, I'd add them to almost everything!  Today I was delighted to find two jars of buttons in my local charity shop to add to my ever expanding collection:

I would like to get some more brightly coloured buttons to add to my collection but these will be ideal for my vintage themed scrapbook pages and cards.

There were also some packets of buttons in the jars:
You can see how old these are, the prices are in shillings and pence!

These were 'unusual':
Pink grapes!  I wonder what outfit they came from..?

This is an idea I've seen online somewhere, adding buttons to the front of notebooks:

I haven't stuck them down yet but I think they work better on the hardback notebook.
The vintage cotton reel label also came in the jar with the buttons.

OOh, what else can I find that could do with some 'button treatment?'.....

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Kandi said...

WOW - Nicky I am green with envy, what a brilliant haul! I have a bit of a thing for buttons.
Kandi x

Carmen said...

Devon had the idea to sew some to an existing bag she's had a while to jazz it up a bit. She's going to be doing that this weekend :P What a brilliant find!

BTW did you know you have a message at the top of your blog saying your background will dissapear on friday? Ignore me if you know already ;)

Nicky Stevenson said...

Yes I did Carmen and I've been trying all day to try and get the new code but all I have managed to do is delete my previous background! Grrrr!

I seem to remember you got a few jars of nice buttons too recently Kandi?

Kandi said...

I did but you can never have enough can you?
Kandi x

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