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Thursday 15 July 2010

Sensational 70's

I was a teenager in the 1970's and I still have a great fondness for the era, maybe you have for the decade that you were in your teens?

As you may know, I'm still at the planning stage (take that to mean procrastinating) for scrapbooking my life for my children and I'm relishing the idea of scrapping the 1970's.

I have a bit of a collection and even bought a few dolls clothes today from a charity shop.  They are, ahem, awful! Just look at those patterns! They were handmade clothes that someone must have made for their little girl or grandchild:

(Plus a few other bits and bobs - this is just a very small selection of my collection). Also did you spot those 'lovely' pink knickers! lol:
Made for a bigger doll than the others.

I also still have some vinyl records of hits from the 1970's - our record player worked up until very recently.
These are the records in their 70's themed sleeves:
Yep, I'm going to enjoy documenting this very interesting, but seemingly tasteless (when looked back on), era of my youth.

I also made a 'Thank You' card for one of my son's teachers tonight:
Not sure I like it, too 'pretty' for my taste, but it suits its purpose..

Thanks for stopping by,
See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

LOL! I was born in the 70's so am thankful that it kinda passed me by though did end up wearing some dodgy clothes with 70's vibes in my childhood - think Mum may have loved the 70's! :P Can't wait to see you get stuck into this scrapbook!

Oh and yep - I think had my artist been Julie Andrews or Pavarotti I would have got Alice in there somehwhere *g*

furrypig said...

I was born in the late 60's and I sqirm at some of the pictures of me in the 70's! You are very brave doing 70's scrapping look forward to seeing the results!

Uma said...

pretty card. Some fantastic embellishments - c'mon get stuck into scrapbooking!

Kandi said...

I was born in the 70's so I am an 80's girl really, big hair and shoulder pads. I think those 70's dolls close are lovely, really sweet.
I know it's not your type of thing but the card is really lovely, just my sort of thing.
Hope all is well and you are looking forward to the summer holidays with the boys.
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks for your comments fellow crafty bloggers. Ooh, you can't wait for me to start can you? You pushy lot! (maybe thats what I need! :0) Go on, shove harder!)

My children have one more week left of school and then its hols :-O, need to make a start on planning some activities, other than the wii and the computer!

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