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Sunday 4 July 2010

Water fight

My husband has been around for a few days, but today after this:

...he went back to China again.

Last week he was in France and then he came back for a few days to us in the UK.  You can see why the boys miss him, he joins in with all their rough and tumble games.  I do some of these games, but 'I'm just a girlie!' lol.

I'm on a roll with the collages today, I made one of some of the creations I made/photographed for the recent 'Creative Bootcamp':

Finally, I answered my own question regarding how to store my stencils, I stuck them down on top of the stencils that I drew and put them into plastic wallets: 
I used temporary glue dots so that they can be easily removed.  I can then store them in the book I'm going to make out of a gift bag.   For my 12 x 12 stencils, I have stuck them onto the back of some scrapbooking paper that I don't like the pattern of and put them in a 12x12 paper box.

See you tomorrow,


Liberty :) said...

great idea for storage!!!

Kandi said...

I love the collage pics you do. I bet it is hard for you with your hubbie away so much, at least he seems to make the most of it when he is home! Looks like your boys had a fab time.
Kandi x

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