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Monday 26 July 2010

Where do you live?

I will come back to the Altered Book soon but tonight's activity is a tutorial for a Summer Holiday activity.

It is an educational activity but part of it can only be made by an older child or grown up.  You'll see why!

What it is is a geography puzzle.  It's to get your children to know more about the country they live in and where places they know are.

This is what it looks like:

To make it, I used:
A shoe box, some low tack masking tape, a stencil of the UK (sorry, Ireland wasn't included!), some Glimmer Mist and a label maker (or titles done on a computer or written!)

I put the masking tape on the back of the stencil and stuck it to the inside of the shoebox:
(There were some holes on this stencil that I covered up with tape too)

...and then glimmer misted all around it:
But what is it about these mists that they always clog? Grrr.  Had to finish off with my fixative blower in the mist:
Take away the stencil (and wash it) and ta da!:
You then cut out the back panel of the shoebox with the map on it

..and print out place names that are relevant to the child - places they've been to/heard of/where they live and get them to place them on the map where they think they are:
You could also use it as a teaching aid with other labels.  Eventually stick them down. 

The glimmer mist part is quite messy so you might want to do that bit yourself.  I'm interested in seeing where my younger son thinks these places are when I test him in the morning! :-)

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow,

MORNING EDIT:  I'm glad I checked on my son's (lack of) geography knowledge. This is what he thought:

He only got Scotland and where he lives right! :-O Ah well, at least I could educate him on the rest!


Carmen said...

I'd be the same. My geography is bliddy awful, it was nearly my worst subject at school. Beaten only by maths ;)

Nicky Stevenson said...

Oh yeah, come to think of it, my geography wasn't too great at that age(8) either! Its OK though, we can build on it. Next week its all the states of america! lol...

K said...

Could he have got Bournemouth & Barmouth mixed up, I know I did when I was younger & if so then he isnt far off.

Nicky Stevenson said...

No K, he's never been or heard of Barmouth (Actually neither have I [Blush] ) We have been to Bournemouth twice on holiday though. Didn't occur to me to show my kids where in the country it was. Thinking that I will probably show them where we go in future. (It will be Germany next week, Playmobil land!)...

K said...

My Geographys awful as well Nicky, I know Barmouth coz we used to go there every year (walked across the bridge that joins fairbourne & barmouth, a long round route), and being in the west midlands we're fairly close to wales, so no need to blush ;)

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