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Wednesday 28 July 2010

Free Style Painting

Thanks for the kind messages on my last post.  My son has still got a temperature which I am keeping an eye on and he's still not able to eat properly yet either, but he is glad to be home when he's not feeling well.  Not that he was naughty on purpose, of course.  He was sent home for apparently being 'disruptive' and kept people awake giggling and being noisy with other mischevious characters in the group.  They were also sent home.  In his ill state, my son is being very subdued and sorry to me, offering to help doing the housework (from his sick bed), something he never normally does! 

In my previous posts, I have spoken about how I would love to do work in the style of Dina Wakley, whose work I greatly admire.  In order to even make a start on doing work anything like the work she does I need to start freeing my artistic style, be prepared to make a mess, be able to freely paint and splatter.

This is what I have done tonight:
I used some texture printing tools that I got from Hobbycraft a while ago:

I also did another:
I love the unpredictable look of paints running into each other but they don't always dry as you want them to.

This is of course, another idea for the Summer Holidays with the kids, freedom painting, painting just to make interesting marks, not worrying about making a realistic representation.  You can use them as they are or cut them up to make interesting backgrounds for other artistic purposes.

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Carmen said...

It does sound like a huge over reaction on their part but of course - I wasn't there, can't really comment and at least he is safely tucked up in his own bed while he's poorly. But blimey - I remember the school trips I went on and we were all sneaking into each others rooms waaaay into the early hours. Giggling, making each other jump... half the time the teachers were worse than us for their pranks! Ah well.

Loved this post - went off and looked at Dina Wakleys page - can see where your inspiration comes from and love where you went with it. I also love how that second piece you show looks like it has a blue dancer on it.

Nicky Stevenson said...

I agree Carmen about my son (see my comment on the previous post).

Pleased to say he has got better today and has gone denmaking with his brother, a friend and the friend's dad. He did make me a cup of tea today though and did some vacuuming. Wonder how long that will last...?

Kandi said...

I'm pleased to hear he is a bit brighter, it's awful when they are ill! It does sound like boys just being boys at camp to be honest you would think they would be used to it!
Kandi x

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