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Sunday 18 July 2010

Regal Stencilling

I had yet another fun day with the boys today.  We were in town today getting the 'Daily Mirror' so that my boys could have the free Lego Toy Story model (make that two copies - can't give one without the other!)  and on the way back we spotted a recycling group making models out of bits of waste materials.  It was a free-for-all workshop that people could come and make whatever they wanted out of the bits and pieces they had lying around.  We spent a good two hours there, whilst my boys made themselves a fun space rockety 'thing' - again, I didn't have my camera, doh!  No matter, they will be doing a few more of these workshops in the Summer Holidays.

I did a quick craft tonight, another stencil, this time of my name:
Well, my official name. I am normally known as Nicky,  but they didn't have those letters in the set I was using:
I don't even know what this means, anyone? 
I found the stencil in a charity shop.
What does it say? Comentariis Uigini  and Nationu libris??

For this I used my gold promarker pen on red paper.  Makes it look quite regal, but I don't know what I'm going to use it for...yet.

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow,


Mrs Knight said...

libris in Latin is "book" but I'm not sure what the rest means! Looks fab though! =)

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Loubie.

Nobody seems to know the rest...?

TheKeymeister said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheKeymeister said...

Hi, did you ever find out what the stencilling phrase means?! I've just stripped the wallpaper in my living room and the exact same stencil has been done across the top of the wall and I'm curious as to whether there's any meaning or it just "looked good"

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