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Wednesday 30 June 2010

London Photos

I'm late tonight.  I've been to a friend's birthday barbeque and only just got back.  No time to do another craft today so can I show you some photos of our recent (October) trip to London?

I love London, as a tourist, not sure I could live there, but I love visiting and seeing the wonderful architecture and shops attractions.  I also love seeing american crafter Suze Weinberg's (of Meltpot fame) blog when she goes to London, she is so excited by it all and it shows in her pictures. 

I've only just discovered Picasa.  Isn't it great as a photo correcting tool?  Really dark pictures can be restored using just a few clicks of 'Add Light' - I can highly recommend it.  I also love its face recognition programme too, it's so clever. 

(Click to enlarge photos)

We even 'bumped' into Torville & Dean (my sons said who?) attending an Award Ceremony.  Here they are posing for the Press:
I was so nervous, I only got this out of focus pic!

See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

I'm the same. I love going to London for shows, concerts or days out but I couldn't live there. We live about an hour and 10/20 mins away so not to bad. I only use Picasa now after my Photo Shop Elements decided to stop playing nicely. I love it :D

Thanks for the Marah Johnson heads up. I'm actually already a big fan of hers, she was the first 'famous' scrapbooker I discovered and fell in love with her work - a lot of my duckies have her tattoo rub-ons on them ;) I was so chuffed that you thought of me when you saw her bits.

Are you on FB? Let me know if you want me to add you though you will probably get odd requests to join my vampire clan - am addicted to that game on there at the mo *g*

Nicky Stevenson said...

My facebook account is very dull. I don't even show them my art work or anything. I only use it for very close relatives and friends discussing day to day things my kids do, etc. (yawn!) I haven't got into playing games, I don't have enough time - I find my blog lists are long enough!

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