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Sunday 20 June 2010

Internet Freebies

I love the internet! There is so much out there. Stacks of fantastic art, craft, inspiration and ideas and not only that, there are a lot of kind people on the internet that distribute their fab creations for us to use on our own personal creations.

Whilst bloghopping the other day, a site (sorry, can't remember which one!) directed me to an american craft magazine site called 'creatingkeepsakes.com'.  I love these type of magazine sites that allow you to sample the magazine online and quite often there are back copies and other similar magazines to look at too. You even turn the pages on screen like a real magazine, they are so clever!

This particular site has a great free download section too of lots of gifts you can make.  I downloaded and printed this alphabet notebook cover and because I hadn't got a notebook the exact size I stuck it on to the front of  a larger notebook I had (or at least I will do so when I have laminated it):

It's going to be my book of fabulous internet craft shops, all indexed with notes.

I also downloaded these two iron-on transfer robots from that site to go onto tshirts for my boys:
(They came with the writing already reversed)

The actual address for the printable gifts to make is http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com/issues/101_Hip_Handmade_Gifts

* * *

I did go to the Peace Festival again today and wow, the weather was hot! But Doh! I forgot to take my camera with me, it was still attached to the computer from when I made yesterday's slideshow. Oops! Never mind, hopefully you will have got a flavour from my post yesterday. 

And I also hope you enjoyed your weekend,

See you tomorrow,


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