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Wednesday 9 June 2010

More bookmarks and Bootcamp Day 4

One of the parts of today's assignment on Creativity Bootcamp was to go out and photograph things that interest you. Well I didn't get a chance earlier in the day, but after school I took my two sons to a soft play place.  It wasn't very busy, apart from a Birthday Party group and when that group went in to the birthday room to celebrate, the place was pretty empty, apart from my boys who were happy amusing themselves, so I went on a photographic hunt.  The place has been recently refurbished so lots of the equipment is all clean, shiny and very colourful!

Here's the pictures I took, lots of colour and not a child in site!:

Apologies.Slideshow not working because it was created using Picnik

Love all those graphic lines!  This one was my fave:
The assignment itself was to illustrate/photograph 'Heavy Metal':
This was an old lampost that I think used to be an original gas lamp.  Lots of lovely rusted metal!
(Taken today on the way back from the Soft Play Centre).

I've been watching the launch night of Big Brother, but I really don't want to get sucked in like last year, no crafting will get done!

Today, apart from the above, I also made some more bookmarks with paperclips and beads:

Good, creative day,

See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Very good creative day! Love that lamp post it's gorgeous. You remind me there's some fabulous ones in an old part of town that used to be gaslights and have been converted to energy! I haven't done my photos yet (day behind) so will maybe have a drive down tomorrow ;)

The technique on my book is similar to the other one. It's from that grafitti class I was doing. Basically you do a whole page wash to start off then gradually build up layers. I did a black first wash and the the next two layers were dribbled on red and purple paint which I swiped with my old QVC card. The next two layers were again dribbled on (I also hold the book up and tilt it to get some good runs) then they were scraped across with a plastic picnic knife. The next layer will be to write random quotes or phrases (mine will be Alice lyrics) over the page, then stamp a few images, then I'll maybe do some nail varnish dribbling. It's all just building up, let dry, build up, let dry and it really looks fab at the end :) I'm making some embellies to add to it when I've finished :P

Anonymous said...

What a great place to photograph! Lots of colours. I really like the stairs. I also love the bookmarks. Great idea.

J. said...

That lamp post is to die for!
Awesome find!

Dana said...

I really like the image with the blue net on the yellow background (I think you mentioned it was your fave pick) very artsy. Id love a digital slr camara they take the most beautiful shots but not sure I have the patience for one! Professional photography is something Id like to try one day.

Kandi said...

I love your slideshow! I forgot to mention, you know the writing you did on your labels the other day when you sorted your pens out, well I have been doing that on everything, adding little dots to the end of words, I am addicted!
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks for the comments. Think I'm going to have to try that technique Carmen, love the layered look.

I only used a small digital camera to take these photos Danables, I would LOVE a Digital SLR too!

Glad you are liking the dot technique Kandi.

Nicky x

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