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Sunday 27 June 2010


Phew! Hot, Hot, Hot! We have returned from our two and a half day's camping trip and what a scorching weekend we had!  Don't know why my Google weather page predicted rain?  Mystery to me.  Luckily we had prepared ourselves with gallons of suncream.  We had a great time except when two of our party, including my younger son, went missing for a short while.  Luckily they were found again, they had taken themselves off on a 'mini walk!'  :-O

The place we went to was a campsite attatched to an organic food shop and cafe (http://www.theorganicfarmshop.co.uk) near Cirencester in the Cotswolds.  It was a really lovely location, lovely scenery, woodlands to explore and an organic shop with cafe for food supplies.

We celebrated three people's birthday while we were there and each of them lit one of those floating night lanterns to let off into the night sky. 
It was a lovely thing to watch, although this isn't the most environmentally friendly things to do.  I always worry about where they will come down.

On the Saturday we went to a very busy place called the Cotswold Water Park.  That was fab:
My husband treated the boys to one of those dinghy things and they had a splashing time:
Throughout the weekend we enjoyed sitting around campfires and having barbeques - the kids loved poking at the fire with sticks (supervised of course) - photo of that not shown.
They also enjoyed 'dressing up' games with spare materials...:
(This is 'King' Ryan)
...and lots of water pistol fighting!

But no campfire would be complete without..
..scary stories around the campfire!

(Normal crafting will resume tomorrow)

Oh, and don't mention the football! :-(  We went to a pub on the way back to watch it.

See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Looks like so much fun was had. I had heard rain was predicted too - not sure what happened there :P

Kandi said...

What glorious weather you had, it's so much nicer camping in the sunshine!
Kandi x

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