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Monday 21 June 2010

Mini Scrapbook

After my unsuccessful attempt to make a scarf for my sons' great 'Grandnan' as they call her, I have decided to do her a mini scrapbook of her 'great grand boyz'. 

Here's the cover and I'll show you more as it progresses:
This angle makes the button bottom right look enormous, but its not in RL.

Don't the boys look as if butter wouldn't melt? lol.  This picture was taken at their Uncle's wedding in the Philippines two Christmasses ago - we were there for 3 weeks in baking hot sunshine during December.

I used a Papermania chipboard scrapbook as my base and have just stuck on bits of my stash.  The owl paper was a freebie from a recent cardmaking magazine. 
Not all the pictures will have them looking as angelic as this (actually no other pictures will they look like that! :-) , I've got some where they are all covered in mud and that will be going in soon....  (Must get on, I need to finish it for tomorrow! :-O !!)

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Carmen said...

Looking fabby, love that owl paper you've used. Finished by tomorrow?? Eep!

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