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Monday 14 June 2010

Bootcamp and Circle Knitting

I'm still Creative Bootcamping and this, day 8, is the start of the second and final week.  I wondered whether some of the subjects we would be given would be really difficult but so far (touch wood) I've managed them.  Today's prompt was 'drizzle' and with the weather we have had recently I thought today would be a sure thing. But no, no rain fell in this central part of the country today.  So, I've had to look on my computer and I found this one:

(And it wasn't taken by me, it was taken by my 10 year old son, Ryan)
It is of course, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben - taken from the London Eye (I won't go up there, I hate heights!)

As for a craft?  Well today's craft was a joint effort, again with Ryan, and he is featured on today's craft pictures:

We were trying out the new Circle Knitter (bought a few days ago, called Knifty Knitter) It's meant to be easier than conventional knitting. 
We wanted to make a scarf for my husband's grandmother who is 90 in a couple of weeks, but after following a nice simple video on the internet, we realised that the pattern we were using was for a hat, not a scarf - doh!
Ryan gave up after that, and I've had a late night attempt to continue but its not looking like any scarf I've ever seen, lol.  It's no wonder I normally keep to papercrafts!

See you tomorrow,


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