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Sunday 13 June 2010

Stamping and Bootcamp

Today's prompt on Bootcamp was 'Ornament'.  I am not a great lover of ornaments, and my husband just calls them 'dust collectors'.  This compostion is of one of the only ornaments I have in my possession, its a really pretty paperweight.  Not that I can ever see me using it for its proper purpose - who uses paperweights these days anyway?

Regular readers may remember me buying this reasonably recently, its made of glass and is multi-faceted. Turning it round produces completely different, but equally beautiful, views of the shell-like fabric contained inside:
(Photos don't do this justice, its so sparkly and irridescent in RL)

 I have a little craft for you tonight.  It's part of something I made a long time ago and was shown on the Scrapbooking thread of MSE.  I made myself a ring binder book and on each page I have stamped each of my stamps which shows me at a glance which stamps I have in my collection. 

This page is of some vintage stamps from We R Memory Keepers (bought from QVC without seeing an image first :-O ) :
Each stamp has an outline and a middle that you combine together to get your finished image (see butterfly). 
It's a good organisational tip though, stamp an image of all your rubber stamps so you know what you have to do your project - and you shouldn't accidently buy similar ones again!  ;-)

See you tomorrow,


Deanna said...

Great collage. I have seen some really beautiful paperweights, and I agree, I couldn't see using them for their purpose, but the make great collector items.

Good idea for the stamps also. I don't journal or scrapbook much anymore but I know if you're anything like me, you probably have a ton of supplies. That would be a great way to keep them all under control.

Perfect Balance Marketing said...

I don't know how you do it - more crafting?! Your stamps are just beautiful.

I love the stamping tip - your file also probably provides some good inspiration when you're stuck what to make next (as I am most of the time, so I have about 7 projects on the go at once!)
Lucy xox

PS Don't forget you can take a day off blogging or crafting if you need it - we won't mind! I don't know how you do something every day (but I love seeing what you've come up with) :o) x

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