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Tuesday 8 June 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Parts 3 and 2

I know, they are meant to be the other way round but I am not so keen on my entry for Part 2, 'Picnic', I much preferred Part 3's theme of 'Multilayers'. 

I have two offerings, both of which I like, but on reflection (sorry, bad joke!), I will go for this one:

It was a window of a fishing tackle shop in London.  I did take the picture but not today.  Today I altered the contrast to bring out the layers so hope thats not counted as cheating!

The other picture I love, simply because I am really into textures and decay:
I reckon Tim Holtz would be proud of me!

As for Part 2, yesterday's theme, I found that tricky.  But then I gave it some thought and I associate picnics with that yucky brown liquid that passes for tea in an old fashioned vacuum flask:

I modified this photo I took of a flask to 1960's style colouring and rounded the corners using Picnik! lol (groan!)


The craft I made today was this paperclip bookmark:

(just need to bend the bottom curve around a little more)

It's just a paperclip bent around with beads and whatever knicknacks you have around threaded onto it. 

Little tip I found useful:
To prevent beads rolling away off your work surface, put them on a cheap bathmat.

See you tomorrow,


Kandi said...

I love your photo of the fishing lures, they look like a swarm of fish in a tank!
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Kandi, didn't know they were called lures. Aren't they incredible? Whoever made it must have loads of patience it must have taken ages! Yes they do look like a school of fish, like you see on nature programmes.

I have added my craft now if you want to take a look. ;-)

Carmen said...

Love this post! Definitely allowed as well - it's all about bringing out your creativeness after all. I was all set to upload mine today - moved a load of stuff on to it and yup, the paint was still wet! Aargh! Start again! I gave up on picnic, drove me mad - all I could think of was maggoty apples for some reason *g*

Kandi said...

Love the bathmat idea to stop beads from escaping, I bought some special fabric that does the same for jewellery making! Doh!
Kandi x

Unknown said...

Love the lures, and thats a good idea for beads, mine always off somewhere.

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