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Monday 28 June 2010

Image Transfer

I decided to have another little go at magazine image transfer as my craft today.  I had a look on google and there is a little discussion about it on UKScrappers.

What I did was stick clear wide parcel tape (from Sainsbury's) onto the magazine picture and cut around the image loosely.
I then used a small ruler to burnish the tape onto the picture and then soaked the picture in water (do you like my banana bowl?)
After a little while I rubbed the back with my finger to remove the backing paper
But unfortunately a vital part of my image (the computer mouse) came away too so I will need to do some more research on this (I expect there will be some videos on youtube) or stick to other methods (such as the Cellulose Thinners transfer technique).  With this clear parcel tape method you are meant to be left with a transparent image of your original picture.  Hopefully it will work for me...next time!

See you tomorrow,


Gem said...

wow that looks like a fab technique to try! thanks for sharing :) xx

Carmen said...

There is a fabby tutorial on Gauche Alchemy - I'll go find the link...

Here you go: http://gauchealchemy.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/package-tape-transferring/

You did a fab job for your first go :D Congrats on the dot com gift shop comment that I don't know if I was supposed to see :D I got on there too - made my morning!

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Carmen, will check that GA link.

Yay! Both of us on the dot com giftshop 101 Lovely Craft Blogs list. I'm number 19 but its not in order of favourites. :-)

It's a good marketing idea of theirs but I don't mind as they are so complimentary! It's also a fun way to see other crafting sites.

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