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Thursday 17 June 2010

Boot Camp Day 12 and Father's Day Card

When I started this Creativity Boot Camp I didn't think I would be keeping it up every day but I have to say it's been really useful to me to have a subject prompt for me to work on.  I will quite miss it when it finishes tomorrow.  I do feel that I 'cheated' a little bit, by sometimes using a photo taken previously, rather than on the day itself.  But I also feel that the photos I chose to use seemed so right to me for the theme.  Quite often I modified the picture too, adjusting them using my favourite photo editing programme, Picnik.

I actually took these tonight for today's prompt which was 'smooth':
This is an old Bakelite phone, which we have had in our possession for about 20 years, dating from the time when my husband and I were into green issues in a big way.
It needs a new cable (and a good old scrub!) but it still works.  The 'smooth' aspect was the casing which you can see is shiny & smooth and so is the dial, it has a 'smooth' rotating action, which is so satisfying to use.  My young son (aged 10) said he would prefer to use this type of phone than the modern sort!

I also took this one on the theme of 'smooth':
It is a photo of a glass sculpture that hangs in our kitchen window.

...And I've also made a last minute Father's Day Card for my Father-in-law using Picnik:
Hope those of you in the UK have been enjoying the lovely weather we are having at the moment,

See you tomorrow,


K said...

Ooo, your sculpture looks similar to one I have hanging in my backdoor window. My friend got it me from abroad, its an eye thats meant to ward off others jealousy (I think)

Kandi said...

That card is beautiful - I must investigate Picnik.
Kandi x

Perfect Balance Marketing said...

I love that phone - so much nicer than the modern boring black ones. It's great that it still works - our new phones always seem to last only a couple of years before we have to buy a new one! They don't make them like they used to ;o) PS Just to let you know I've changed from Beach Hut to elle thornton - more info why on my blog! Thanks for following, L x

Carmen said...

I'm with your son on this one. I much prefer those phones. Something about the noise and the whir that is so satisfying :P

Twiggy said...

Gorgeous card!! I've cheated this year and bought one :)
Twiggy x

Nicky Stevenson said...

I didn't know the sculpture was to ward off jealousy K, thanks for that (mine was a charity shop find).

Picnik is a fab resource, you can do so much and its so easy, honest. I have to say I've got a subscription but I use it nearly every day so it has definately been worth it.

I've rejoined you, elle thornton, must try and remember the name! ;-)


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