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Friday 18 June 2010

Last Bootcamp Day and Father's Day Card(s)

It's the end of the Creativity Bootcamp today and the theme was 'Smile'.  Here is mine:

I considered selecting a photo of one of my children smiling - especially when they were so young and cute, but I expect loads of people that are doing this Bootcamp have done that so I selected this one - of me!  

The reason I have chosen it is because its one of my favourite pictures of myself, I look so radiant and genuinely happy!  Believe it or not but I had just GIVEN BIRTH with my second child just before this picture was taken (by my husband).  

A nice end to a fun project.  I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me on my Bootcamp journey and I think I'll put a compilation mosaic on tomorow.   Not sure I'll get much crafting done though, I'm off to the Leamington Peace Festival.  Hope the weather improves.

Regarding my craft, I did two Father's Day Cards - well, one was a modification of the Picnik one I did yesterday:

I distressed it.  I just couldn't resist, it was too clean!

I also made another one for my Father-in-Law from my husband and I (if you are looking, dear husband, don't look at this yet, I've done a similar idea for yours!):
It's mini photos of 'Happy Father's Day Dad' made out of lego bricks, scrabble pieces, foam letters, letter jigsaw pieces (Sorry about the quality of this pic, can't take another one, its gone in the post 1st Class, hope it makes it in time!)

See you tomorrow,


K said...

Not only is there genuine happiness in that photo but also the look of relief that most women have after giving birth, a sudden feeling of relaxation after the hard work that comes with labor. That 1 photo speaks a million words & is therefore FABULOUS!!!

Love your fathers day card so much I think I may nick the idea of the last one ;) I can get ds1 to find items to do the letters & ds2 can take the photo & design (scribble ;) the background. Thanks Nicky I am truely inspired.

Kandi said...

That photo is amazing, I wouldn't dare show a photo of me just after the birth of my kids in one of them I look like a murder victim!!
I am so impressed with those cards I really loved that one you did for your FIL then you went and made it even better, I don't know where you get your ideas from, brilliant.
Kandi x

Perfect Balance Marketing said...

You do look radiant in your pic - I looked like I'd run a marathon and it wasn't pretty after the birth of my LO! When you say "a nice end to a fun project" did you mean the bootcamp or giving birth ;o) The lego card is brill - inspired L xox

Nicky Stevenson said...

What lovely comments! (Blush!)

I agree with K, I think it was the relief that brought on the relaxed look (baby was having its first bath at this point - we did take photos of that too, incidently).

Glad you like the cards. Hope yours turned out how you wanted K.


Carmen said...

Love that photo - you literally do look radiant. Still catching up with Boot Camp *g* I'll possibly limp over the finish line a week late! LOL!

The Fathers Day card is fabulous - very inspiring. Going to remember that one for next year!

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