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Wednesday 16 June 2010

Bootcamp Day 11 and Peace Shirt Revamp


This was the theme of today's Creativity Bootcamp and I found this lovely sunset picture that fits the theme for me.  This picture was taken on a beach in Normandy, France quite a long time ago. My first son was just one and we went away with my husband and his parents to a holiday cottage for a week.  My husband took this picture of me at the end of the day.  I was having a quiet reflection...completely lost in my own thoughts. 

For today's craft, I would like to thank K of K's Craft who showed me how to revamp a long sleeved shirt into a sleeveless vest.   I needed a hippy type shirt to wear for the 'Leamington Peace Festival' this weekend, an event we all go to every year.  It's a mass of environmental awareness, loud music, fun, shopping and people wearing lots of bright colours.  It takes me back to my more hippy days! Just a shame that my husband won't be here this year to go :-( 

Anyway, I'd got this shirt ages ago from a charity shop:
Love the message:
But it was for a 12 year old!   So I snipped it as per K's instructions...
..and put holes under the arms in preparation for eyelets and ribbons.
 But when I put the eyelets in with my Big Bite, I think the material was too thin and they kept falling off.   So, I had to abandon the eyelets and threaded the ribbon in the holes I'd made anyway.
I will try and get my children to take a successful picture of me wearing it.  I am quite happy with it but it still stretches across the bust area so people will be reading the message across my chest!  Not sure that is the desired effect!

See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Can't believe you can fit into a 12 year olds clothes. I may have to boycott your blog in stropiness! :P

That photo is absolutely stunning. Clever hubby.

Kandi said...

That picture is beautiful!
I love that you are altering that t-shirt I hope you have a fab time!
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Don't worry Carmen. I can't fit into 12 year old clothes! (That's why I had to do the adjustments). I'm normally a size 14 and that's not in age! Hope that is more acceptable to you ;-)

K said...

yay, so glad my lil blogs inspired you hun, best compliment ever,

Lol to the idea of someone reading smile across your boobs, I'm sure they will smile as well :D

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks again K, love the fact I could alter the shirt with no sewing! yay!


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