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Sunday 6 June 2010

Retro Clipboard

For today's project I've made a clipboard out of thick cardboard that I have covered with retro styled, flower power patterned paper:

I used a bargain pack of book covering paper, 3 sheets for 99p from The Works.  It's title said 'Self Adhesive' but it wasn't! I made sure mine was flat though by using spray adhesive.  When I'd stuck it on I thought it wasn't retro enough so I used an old nail file to distress all the edges.   I stuck some flower and bee peel-offs on the bulldog clip and ribbons were tied on to give it more of a funky feel.  A Big Bite was used to set a grommet into the corner but it won't stay so I may have to stick that on with Superglue.  Finally a  pencil was attatched onto ribbon threaded through the punched hole and there you have it, a funky clipboard.

Seeing my family today was fun, catching up and reminiscing. We still cajole and poke fun at each other, just as we did when we were kids.  It does make me realise that I must start to document my memories though, scrapbook what I have about my parents and give my two brothers and sister a copy.  It would also be something for my children and theirs....

See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Nicky. Have you seen the boot camp that just started yesterday? She wants you to pick one medium to work on daily through 2 weeks, there are prompts every day and it's also to help with journalling too. Already it's been really interesting and challenging (and FREE!) Your saying about the journalling just made me wonder if you had seen it.

This is another fab project of yours, very pretty :)

K said...

Hi Nicky, what spray adhesive do you use coz I find mine almost useless, the paper edge starts to peel very quickly.

Perfect Balance Marketing said...

Hey Nicky - your clipboard is cool - I love the paper. Scrapbooking sounds a good plan - there are loads of ideas online that I keep stumbling across that are really inspiring, but I can't cheat on my sewing with scrapbooking! Let us know if you venture into having a go - Lucy xox

Nicky Stevenson said...

Hi Crafters,

I've just had a look at that Creativity boot camp Carmen and started to take some pictures around the house using yesterday's theme, 'Ivory.' Thanks for that, I may do something with that.

K, I'm using 3M Craft Mount at the moment. I have several different ones but some of the nozzles have clogged up. I do try and spray right to the edge which helps.

Scrapbooking really appeals Lucy, I've bought some Laura Ashley papers, which would be ideal for my mum's scrapbook. Need to buy some lace I think...

Unknown said...

I love the retro clipboard, and never thought of putting peel offs on a clip, good idea.
I `ll have to have a go making one of these, if you dont mind.
Take care

Nicky Stevenson said...

Yes, Susan, feel free! :-) I'm thinking of putting a different type of paper on the back so I can choose which side I use. This design lends itself to being a reversible clipboard.


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