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Saturday 12 June 2010

Bootcamp and Template Creativity

Today's Bootcamp theme was 'Fly' and my son helpfully suggested I photographed a few of the dead insects that they have on their bedroom windowsill but no, I didn't fancy that grizly project. 

So when we were in town I spotted this ENORMOUS England flag hanging down from a corner shop so I thought I'd photograph it as it was appropriate for today, England are playing USA in their first World Cup Match. Loads of people were dressed up in preparation, flags were on lots of cars and horns were being blasted from cars all over town.
You know why its like this?  Because I forgot to take my camera and my son took it using the camera on his PSP game console and you know why its out of focus?
...Because the camera had been left on macro mode from when they took this photo earlier! Doh!

(Incidently, if any of my UK readers have got a PSP, there was a deal mentioned on MSE where you can buy a game called 'invizimals' for £10 (down from £25) from Gamestation and it includes the Sony camera (which normally retails at £30!) as part of the game)

As you can appreciate, I would have taken a better picture of the flag had I got my camera but I did tell him to wait until he could see the whole red cross so he did pretty well considering (apart from the focus!)

My craft tonight was a quick one, I need an early night for a change!

I have recently purchased some stencils from QVC:
These are just 5 out of 40 different ones, incl animals and Christmas...

So I just decided to play around and doodle with them tonight:

I like the idea of using them in a doodle fashion - first draw around the pattern as it is, then move the stencil just a fraction and draw again and repeat.  Gives a more sketchy look.  I also like to colour outside the lines (omve!) to complete the effect.

See you tomorrow,


furrypig said...

I love the idea of doodling but not sure that it would look any good so those templates are a fab idea! Love the designs you created, how are you going to use them?

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks, furrypig. I just planned to do more of them, combining templates (by the way they were expensive, don't tell my husband!) and trying out different mediums, spraying through them, proper stencilling with paint, adding glitter, embossing... I'm hoping they will go through my Cuttlebug too. My aim is to use them in journalling and scrapbooking, maybe make some cards.

Carmen said...

I must think like your son! I drew insects! *g* Not uploaded yet though. Tidying and housework has been the agenda today! Yuck!

I love that eye picture, how clear is that!

Nicky Stevenson said...

Ooh, you drew some insects Carmen? Look forward to seeing those (I think - gulp!)

That eye picture was fab quality - especially as it was taken with a £10 camera! (albeit Sony :-) )

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