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Tuesday 22 June 2010

90th Birthday Scrapbook Finished!

Phew!  I spent a couple of hours in the very early morning (the midnight bit) and ALL DAY today creating this special birthday scrapbook I started yesterday for my sons' great grandmother.  But I am pleased to say, I did it and it was well received too.

I've got loads of photos of it so hope you don't mind me showing you.  It's not like me to do this much crafting in one day, I almost had craft overload! 

You saw the cover yesterday, but here it is again, when its all finished:

I was wrong saying that bottom RH button is not very big, it IS big!  (This, incidently,  is a non-journalling type of album, just a 'simple' type made as a gift)

Here is one of those swing round pics.  I've never done one of these but see them on other people's blogs and always fancied doing one - Ta Da!:
The first couple of pages were of these images of my boys.  Yes, I know you've seen these particular pictures LOTS of times on this blog, but they are nice and clear for a scrapbook for someone 90 years young! :-)
I put script background paper on the chipboard shapes first and you may recognise those labels from a free download mentioned on a previous recent post.  The addition of old buttons completed the look.
For the next page (above), I covered the background with flourished patterned paper and then used stencils with a black pen for the inner shape and additional flourishes.  More buttons and a ribbon completed the effect.
This page I used the same stencil with a white pen and drew this new frame with rough lines.  I added flowers and buttons for the centres.
The next two pages. I used a boy themed script paper for the background and drew around the frame with a brown pen.  The one on the right has boy themed rub-on transfers of stones and insects.  I also added some Glossy Accents to them to make them 3d-ish.
Ahh, my mud pages! Rub-ons were added to paper and added to the page.  On the right, I used a freebie paper (in the collection with the owls) and shiny silver buttons in all the corners.
Same paper, different orientation. Addition of stickers and the Cuttlebug robots Ryan and I made recently.  I was going to put a red button or three on the LH page but ran out of time!  
Back page. I'd got the boys to write this out and stuck it onto some patterned paper. For that awww factor.

We went to a barbeque to celebrate her birthday, and here is the birthday girl herself  blowing out her candles:
Happy 90th Birthday Grandnan Swain!

See you tomorrow,


Melanie Marshall said...

Happy Birthday nan!! :)

Thank's for stopping by the blog and leaving your wonderful comment. I haven't been in blogland for a long time and feel very neglectful.

Forgive me and I will keep up with your postings more attentively in future. I do enjoy your work :)

Mel x

Kandi said...

What a lovely gift you clever thing! Your boys are gorgeous too btw!
Kandi x

Sarah said...

This is beautiful, what a wonderful gift! I want to make something very similar - pics no journalling for my dad for his birthday xxx

Carmen said...

I love that you included their handwritten message on the back. I'm so impressed you got this done so quickly! You must have had smoke coming off that table *g* Well worth the effort though - such a fab pressie!

Gem said...

this is so gorgeous! It definitely looks like a lot of time and effort has gone into it :) xx

Allison Rankin said...

Gorgeous! Love a masculine book...I need all the ideas I can get! And the kids handwriting is precious!

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