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Tuesday 23 November 2010

Christmas Angel Tutorial

Today, I have a tutorial on how to make this:
A Mini fabric Christmas Angel

2 pieces of scrap material,
glue suitable for fabric
permanent markers in pink and red
glittery pipe cleaners

To make this decorative angel, first cut two 3.5" circles out of the different materials:
(No need to iron, lol)  Then fold over and stick the two halves together:
Then on one semi-circle create the arms(sleeves) by folding in two of the sides towards the middle, glue and use a peg to hold them in position:
(Red lines show you the edge of the material)
Remove the peg and stick these sleeves onto the other semi-circular piece of material. Stick on a button (holes are eyes) and some glittery stuff (I used pipe cleaners) for the hair and halo:
Finally, add with permanent pen, a smile and two dotty cheeks:
..and you're done! :-)

You could attach a ribbon to the back to hang it up or maybe stick it on a tag.  It is also another Christmas craft that children could do in the holidays or for school fairs.

(Project found on the web a couple of years ago, sorry, can't find source, if you know, please mention in the comments and I will credit them)

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
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Carmen said...

she's so sweet - I didn't realise her face was a button till I read the description.

PepPop said...

What a cute little face. Great decoration. Jaqui x

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