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Sunday 7 November 2010

Christmas Montage

I've been at my cousin's 60th Birthday party tonight so have just got back with just a little time to craft, but craft I must!  So here is today's offering, a montage made with lots of Christmassy bits.
It's a 12x12 cardboard base with various cuttings, stickers, labels, coloured rubber stamp pictures,...  It will make a fun Christmasy picture for my boy's room - or maybe the 'Smallest Room', I do like to put something Christmassy everywhere in the house, lol.

* * * * *
Something else that may be of interest, I purchased a book the other day from a 'junk shop' for 50p called 'Motherhood'.  It was made in about the 1920's and it is so fascinating!  The language they use, the way they used to bring up babies & children seem SO very different to how we do it now.  People in the future will probably say the same about us, of course. 

This was a typical page:
A 'Modern' pram (perambulator) and pushchair (push car).

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
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Liberty :) said...

wow what a lovely book!! great idea for the xmas montage too!

Florist said...

Creative, very creative, love 'em!

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