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Wednesday 17 November 2010

Same scene 39 years Later!!

I very rarely ever enter any challenges on other blogs, but when I saw the subject of this one I knew I had just the right thing.  It took a lot of hunting through boxes and discs but eventually I found these two photos which I would like to enter into the Sticky Fingers Week 35 Challenge The Gallery: Before and After.

We were asked to recreate a photo we already had.  I chose this one taken in, ahem, 1966. That's me on the left, with my sister sitting down on the right:

It's not strictly the same people sitting there in this picture, as these are my two sons at the same age as my sister and I were.  This was taken in 2005, and we got as near to the same spot as we could on the beach.  The beach is Tenby in South Wales.

It was fun doing this challenge and may I do many more of them!


Thank you for looking and for any comments,


Jacqui Paterson said...

I love this! I'm amazed you managed to get them to cooperate so well - the pose is almost perfect!!!! x

Carmen said...

Oh how cool is this! You should get on of those double frames and have them both side by side. Really love this - your boys got the pose so well - love that you kept it in black & white too.

Notes To Self Plus Two said...

What an amazing idea! I may steal it xx
ps. my blog has moved to http://www.notestoselfplustwo.com, come say hello
xx Notes xx

PepPop said...

Now that is very cool. Love it!! I totally agree with Carmen - you should put it in a double frame. Jaqui x

Tara @ Sticky fingers said...

Wow, those are fantastic photos. It's like this week's theme was made for you!
Thanks for joining in. I love that it makes people root back through their photo albums! x

Liberty :) said...

what a brilliant idea!!!!!

Kandi said...

That's amazing - would be a great one to have out on the wall!
Kandi x

Anonymous said...

Wow that is incredible! You should definitely do more!

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