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Tuesday 16 November 2010

Christmas Ornament Shrine Completed

Ta-Da! Finally finished, phew!:
I had a few technical issues with my Christmas Ornamental Shrine, as in I couldn't use the loose items like the icing snowballs and silver balls that I used yesterday because the shrine is for hanging on the wall and they'd all fall out! lol.  So I had to go on a hunt for other things to fill the spaces, which was not easy when you consider that most of our christmas items are still in the loft.

The first change, you may have noticed, is that I changed the 'Merry Christmas' title I had on the top for an angelic cherub, which I have 'dirtied up', I mean distressed, with black, along with the edges of the shrine.   
Another thing I did was to create depth with some objects being placed further forward than others:
To get this brad to be at the front of the box I put it into a bottle cap.  This bottle cap was also brought forward by sticking another bottle top behind it.
These glittery soft balls were brought forward by sticking them onto mini-dominos that I coloured green with a promarker.

The photos in boxes 3 and 4 were brought forward by sticking them onto some 'Cut n Dry' foam and the badge on the bottom right was also raised to the front using a bottle cap.

I had a bit of fun with this snowman scene:
To do this, I cut out a snowy background out of an old christmas card and stuck it on to the back and then I added 'artificial snow' (Snowtex) to the front. 

As you can see, this project was a bit more complicated than first appeared.  It wasn't just a case of finding things and sticking them down.  Every last bit needed its position to be considered...which took a long time and is why I was a bit late writing this blog post, so please accept my apologies for that.   

I like how it has turned out (and better in RL), but I didn't end up covering the side & back walls as I'd planned, maybe I'll do that on any future one I do.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


RosieB said...

love this idea, it worked well

Kandi said...

It turned out brilliant - I love it.
Kandi x

Carmen said...

I love the change to the cherub, perfect. It turned out so well and is something you'll be bringing out year after year :)

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

That's lovely a very cute little snowman there :0) Everybody keeps posting up their lovely makes and I keep adding them to my list of things to try myself...which is now larger than the one Father Christmas has!

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