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Wednesday 3 November 2010

60th Birthday Journal

I've been 'making' a mini-journal for my cousin's 60th birthday which is on Sunday.  Eek!  Nothing like leaving things 'til the last minute!  I'm bad that way, but its the way I function.

I didn't actually make the journal myself (I wish!) but its a really nice one with gold edging on the pages.

My cousin is yugoslavian, so I found out how to write 'Happy Birthday' in her language:
and I am finding some humorous quotes about aging to put on some of the pages.

I'm just adding a few on random pages throughout the book.  I'm getting some great (but a bit naughty!) quotes from a book called 'A Good Old Laugh! A Humorous quote book About getting on a Bit.'   This cousin of mine has got a sense of humour and she's like a big sister to me, which is why (I don't think!) she'll mind me making light out of her getting older.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


cheryl said...

oh wow this looks amazing she will just love it sure of that hugs cheryl xxx

PepPop said...

Great journal and love the quotes but EEEK!! I'd be panicking - where did you put your bendy ruler? Jaqui x

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