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Friday 19 November 2010

Seasonal Tree Late Autumn

Brrrrr! We certainly know its approaching Winter here in the UK.  We've had gales, flooding (in some areas)and icy mornings to wake up to.  I thought it was about time I updated my Seasonal Tree wallhanging as last time I showed it to you it was in its warm coloured Autumn coat. 

Today it looks like this:
It has lost all its leaves (again) and now they have all turned brown and are lying on the ground. (Don't know about you, but I simply can't resist kicking up leaves as I walk through them, even when the kids aren't with me! ;-)  )

I got an extra bonus when I was doing this project today, I was using my cut & dry with an inkpad to change all the paper leaves brown onto a piece of scrap paper and when I lifted the leaf it left a lovely pattern on the paper.  It created another piece of artwork worthy enough to frame!:
Before I took all the leaves off I photographed the stage before this, when a few leaves were still on the tree:
With their cosy warm colours
I've been sitting here writing this whilst getting colder & colder, (central heating gone off)  think I'd  better go and put the gas fire on, Brrrrr!

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