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Monday 8 November 2010

Christmas Notebook

I like somewhere to make all my Christmas notes, things to buy, things to make, schedules, etc. etc. so I decided to cover an 'ordinary' notebook and make it into a Christmassy themed one.

I was cheated when I bought the (cheap) notebook from our local supermarket/corner shop though - it said 'Note Book/Diary' on the front (it was in some plastic wrapping), but when I got it home I discovered that all it was was a lined notebook! What a swizz!  

It's this one here (left) that has the England football shield and figure on it - those just HAD to go! lol.  I covered the front in green paper and added the title with some 'Making Memories' letters (from TK Maxx) and some snowflake stickers.  I also added a few gems to the snowflakes and some matching ribbons around the spiral binding.

It's going to be time soon to make a start on those lists...

* * * *

My younger son amused me coming out of school today, he had been given a used Playstation 1 from one of the teacher's children (he had been picked because of his good behaviour :-)  )  This in itself was a bit of a surprise, but what was funny was that he was complaining that the other children in his class were trying to offer him things to swap for it.  Things like girl's magazines and pieces of Blu-tac!  He, he....

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
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Carmen said...

Good idea - I've got scraps of paper lying all over the place :P

Wel done to DS for winning the game, what he didn't want some grubby blu tac? *g*

Liberty :) said...

really funny about the Boy and the swaps!! Thank goodness he didnt say yes! Lovely notebook, I made one about 3 years back and it is like a bible! X

K said...

Its lovely to start off with but seeing what the notebook used to look like I can say you've improved it immensly ;)

Well done to your son, what a lovely thing to get for behaving.

Dobbies said...

Hi Nicky,

I'm Ian from the Dobbies gardening blog.

We've written a post called "Christmas blogs we love", which includes "Creative Flourishes". You can read the full article here:


We hope you are happy to be included in our post, but if not please let us know and we'll remove your site from the list.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks crafters for your comments.

I am fine about my blog being on Dobbies Gardening Blog, Ian, so thanks for asking. I do realise it is for commercial reasons but I am OK about that and thanks for the flattering write-up. I should say that I won't always be doing Christmas posts though, I do crafts of all kinds here on Creative Flourishes. A warm welcome to anyone that has come on here through your link.

Unknown said...

that is very cute - i also love tohave a christmas note book - you have inspired me to give mine a make over to keep me in the festive mood

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