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Monday 29 November 2010

Christmas Ice Sculpture

This was tonight's project:
An ice 'wreath' filled with christmassy toys.

I used an old circular cake mould (not sure what type of cake they are used for) and made it by putting water in the bottom of the mould, partially freezing it and then adding plastic toys and christmas embellishments.  
At one stage it even had a plastic chicken! :D but that floated so didn't work!

After the first layer had frozen a bit (in the freezer) I then added another layer of toys and then a 3rd layer. 
(Incidently, all toys are plastic, no toys were harmed in the making of this craft ;-)  )

It really needs to freeze overnight because after I took this top picture I moved the sculpture to photograph some close-ups and it turned out to be not as frozen as it should have been!  ie It broke up! :-O  (Also, our freezer was a bit high up for me to reach to put this in and some of the toys shifted around, which is why there is an 'empty' bit).  For best results you need to leave them outside on cold nights to freeze - like the type of nights we are having now.

I have made these successfully in the past using pine cones, holly and greenery - it's a bit of a fun decoration for outside.   Previously I have left one on our front garden wall for the children and our postman and milkman to admire before it melts!
Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,

EDIT: PS -  I made another one overnight just by putting all the bits in the bowl (not in layers) and putting it in a lower part of the freezer.  It worked!:
(two pictures bottom right are of last night's sculpture)


PepPop said...

Great idea. I love the penguin, it looks like he's swimming under the ice. Jaqui x

K said...

Fab idea Nicky, I've been keeping my eyes open for one of those baking dishes for another project so shall have to double my efforts now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I attempted to email you pertaining to this post but aren?t able to reach you. Please e-mail me when get a moment. Thanks..

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