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Monday 15 November 2010

Mini Christmas Shrine

You've caught me still working on a project, but this is how its looking so far!

Its a thimble case that I am altering by putting Christmassy items in it. 

I sanded it down, gessoed it and covered it in gold paint.  So far I have only managed to paint the outside frames but I have plans to cover the inside pages with various Christmassy papers, stamped images, words, etc.  Its a 'do where my inspiration takes me' project.  I have put some objects in the boxes now to see what type of objects will work in my finished masterpiece.

Thanks for looking and any comments,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

Oooo, cant wait to see where this takes you :)

Kandi said...

I like the look of this! I will keep my little eyes peeled for something similar, a 12 days of Christmas would be nice with the 12 little cubbyholes. Now where you would find a minature partridge I am not sure, or leaping lords, actually forget it I hadn't thought that through :)
Kandi x

Linda . J said...

Beautiful blog and so informative with all your projects, love the thimble case your doing.
Hugs Linda

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks crafters. Lol, Kandi, it might have worked if you had teeny weeny miniature figures. Thank you Linda, I do like to inspire. x

Carmen said...

Ooh now this is interesting - love the little snowman and his balls :D

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