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Monday 1 November 2010

November Autumnal Fun

We are now into Autumn on our tree wall hanging:
(Just a little late, the last time we saw this, most of the leaves were green)
Last night, I put the TV on and watched the film, 'Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde' (Aaah!) whilst reddening all the green leaves with my red distress ink pad.
This is how it looked yesterday:
and as you can see, there are less leaves on the ground. Today I got out the other colours:
and added Brown (Rusty Hinge) and Yellow (Momento Dandelion) and went over all the leaves.

For those of you that have joined me later on in the year, this tree is an african wallhanging that I have in my lounge that I have been changing through the changing seasons.  It had no leaves on it, so earlier in the year I stamped out lots and have been slowing 'seasoning' the tree, as the year goes on.   It will soon be time to take all the leaves off and maybe add some snow....

* * * * *

My boys had their last day of freedom today, lol, for it was a teacher training day at their school, following the half term they've just had. 

We went to the park to feed the ducks, geese and squirrels:
My eldest wanted to watch a squirrel tackle a walnut, like the ones on Willy Wonka, one of his most favourite films ever.  This one ran off with it soon after having its picture taken.
* * * *
I forgot to show you him (my eldest son) in his halloween outfit yesterday:
..as one of the characters from Harry Potter
* * * * *
My husband has gone back to working in Germany today, seems as though he will be working there for a while, instead of China, which is better for us.  He will even be coming back weekends, yay!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


Kandi said...

Yay - love your tree especially in Autumn!
Kandi x

dizzytina said...

What a fab idea to change the seasons on the tree! Because i love your blog i have nominated it for an award pop over to my blog to collect it http://www.scratchycatcrafter.blogspot.com/
Tina x

aimee said...

wow! love the colorful leaves on that tree - and i love that you explained in your profile that your name is not really "quiksave"!

Carmen said...

Yay the tree is back! Love the autumnal colours - think this is my favourite stage so far!

PepPop said...

Love the tree - it's gorgeous. How do you attach the leaves? Jaqui x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks for the comments crafters, PepPop, I attach the leaves with double sided sticky tape.

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