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Tuesday 28 September 2010

Memory Card

No, not that kind of Memory!  This is a birthday card for my sister.  My original plan didn't work so I had to resort to 'Plan B' even though I hadn't got one! lol.

It's not finished yet, its a WIP but here it is:
You can't tell from this picture, but the black & white photo (which is a photocopied version of the original) has had wax applied all over it. 

I had this brave idea to do this craft (applying wax to a napkin) and to make a card using it. 

But meanwhile,  isn't that a cute picture of one of my two brothers and sister with me?
(I'm the one in front with the frilly skirt!)  

I think I'm going to have to go with 'Plan C' now (ie make another card) because I've just remembered my sister doesn't like pictures of herself when she had really short hair (she is on the right) because people mistakingly thought she was a boy.   A shop Father Christmas even gave her a toy motorbike for a present that year!  :-O  Oops! As you can imagine, she tried to keep her hair very long after that! 
Going back to my original plan (thats Plan A remember), I did do the part where you melt the wax on the napkin, as you can see:
I had planned on making my card on a hippy/70's style theme (hence this choice of napkin) but it just didn't fit in with the photo I'd chosen. 

This picture shows the beeswax block first being melted:
It is melted on the plate of the hot iron (this is an old travel iron) and then the iron itself is swept across a glossy piece of cardstock several times.  The napkin (just one layer, separated first), is put down (face up) on top and more melted wax is added onto the top of it.  It gave the napkin and the photo the appearance of more depth.

As I say, its back to the drawing board on this one. The photo turned out not to be suitable (embarassing short hair) and nor was the napkin (wrong style).   This is going to be one of those crafts I'm going to leave for another (more co-ordinated) day.

Thanks for reading and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


PepPop said...

Oops don't tell her but I thought that your sis was in the pram and you were standing with your brother (Sorry!) Interesting technique, I've not tried that one. Jaqui x

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