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Tuesday 7 September 2010

Leaves and Fudge

Here we have it - the finished Late Summer 'Winter' Tree:
Can you spot the little burdie? :-)

I thought I'd made quite a lot of leaves for my tree wallhanging yesterday.  I came to put them on the tree and there were nowhere near enough - so today out came the production line leaf make with one worker - me!  And I made another enormous page of green leaves.  This time I was much more efficient with the space, I wouldn't have got even one more (double) leaf on this page:
Here is an 'in progress' shot taken earlier today when my children were in school (yep, back today - now in Years 4 and 6!): 
This time I put each leaf on with painter's masking tape - the easily removeable type, this was a much cheaper option than the temporary sticky dots I used before. 
* * * * *
The other 'crafty' thing I did today was to make chocolate fudge with my elder son.  I have never made it before and was amazed how much sugar, butter and chocolate the recipe called for!

Am not sure whether we made it right, but all it tastes of is sugar!  Think I'll be sticking to healthier recipes in future.

Thanks for reading and for any comments you may leave,
See you tomorrow,


SusieMay said...

Love the tree - really beautiful. Would love to be able to do something like this!
Can't see some of the other piccies - just the red cross.


SusieMay said...

Oooo can see the other piccies now! Probably my computer!

Carmen said...

Craig would love that fudge. Whenever we go to Scotland I'm sure he eats his body weight in tablet. Bleurgh!

The tree is looking gorgeous!

Kandi said...

That tree is wonderful I love it, your fingers must be aching after trimming all of those leaves out. I had to zoom in to see the birdie, my eyes are not what they were :)
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks for your comments again, crafters, really appreciate them.

I cut all the leaves out with scissors, Kandi. The first pair I tried were a bit uncomfortable so I used a better pair. All of them were done whilst watching TV. I clambered on the sofa to stick on each one individually. Bit of exercise!

Nicky x

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