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Sunday 19 September 2010

Awaiting my Craft

I am still in the process of doing tonight's craft - I am looking for an image on the web of some pedestrian crossing lights.  Why? You may well ask.  Because my husband [who has returned to work in China today :-(  ] and I have a little jokey thing between us about our younger son who, whenever we ask him to do something, invariably will keep saying, 'Wait', while he finishes off a stage on his computer game or something.  We decided that we would make him a t-shirt that has the 'WAIT' symbol on it (hence the pedestrian crossing image) as an in-family type of joke.

I have, however, been having difficulty getting a Copyright Free picture of the pedestrian lights, which is why I am still searching.  While I have been looking for them though, I came across this great image:

What an enormous traffic light 'tree!'

This is the type of image I'm looking for, but this one is of such a diddy size that it wouldn't be suitable for printing on a shirt:
So I shall plough ever onwards in my quest!

BREAKING NEWS.....Paperchase have got a brand new website with shopping! Yay! Shipping Worldwide.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you've had a great weekend,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

Hi Nicky, is there no pedestrian crossings near you that you could take a photo of? If you cant find a copyright free pic let me know & I'll take a walk up the road & get some photos for you :) I think its such a funny, fab idea.

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks K. I thought of doing the t-shirt at 11pm at night! :-) I did take my own picture of one a while back but can't find it in amongst the hundreds & hundreds of pictures I've got. I think they've changed the design of them round where I live so I may well take you up on the offer. I'll let you know if I need it. Thanks again for the offer, Nicky

Gem said...

that traffic light tree is fab isnt it! its on the centre of a roundabout on the isle of dogs near canary wharf in london, I love it ;) hope you get your other pic sorted!!

Carmen said...

I think I would cry if I were to come up against a trffic light tree like that - is it really for directing traffic? Looks fab but very scary!

The t-shirt is a brilliant idea.

Gem said...

lol no Carmen it's just for decoration, all the lights go on and off all the time so you wouldnt know which was the right one anyway :D it's just a normal roundabout otherwise!

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Gemma for clearing that up! I didn't know it was a sculpture either. I just grabbed the image whilst hunting for the pedestrian lights and didn't read up about it. I'm glad its only a sculpture too. :-)

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