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Friday 10 September 2010

Graphic Christmas Cards

I must confess to watching the very last episode of 'Big Brother' tonight so again didn't leave myself a great deal of crafting time but I managed to do some:
A couple of Christmas cards to add to my collection. 

I'm pleased I decided to do a few throughout the year, then I won't have that mad panic (the one I had last year!) having to do 30 handmade cards all on one night in order to beat the postal delivery times.  I've also decided to do 'simple' designs (as in flat) so I won't get caught out paying extra for that added thickness charge.

The picture above makes them look gold, but they are silver:

Simple lettering, straightforward mounting.

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave,
See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Yep DD got me into BB tonight - I think Davina well and truly stole the show, wonder what she'll do next. Lovely tribute to Jade :)

The Christmas cards are lovely, it will soon be with us, think I will be one of the ones in a mad panic!

K said...

Those cards are fab! really like the style of them.

I watched BB as well, have only seen about 5 episodes from the last 3 series all together but it was an end of an era - Pete was my fav out of all the contestants & those contacts he had in for the last supper were sooooooo cool.

Totally agree with Carmen that Davina stole the show, but I think she always has, BB would never have made it without her.

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