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Thursday 30 September 2010

More Horror Pix

I've been doing some more horror activity using Picnik tonight and I think one particular picture might be a little too much for young eyes so I have modified it.  I still wouldn't recommend letting young children see this post, I wouldn't want to give them nightmares. 

This picture is still a little spooky, but its not really when you realise...

That 'thing' in the background is just a Lego Star Wars Model, lol.

This is the one that looked pretty bad until I put this canvas texture on it and lightened it.  The original is what I consider may not have been suitable for youngsters:
But its only my husband! lol.

Sorry I've been a bit indulgent with this, the same craft activity two days in a row?!  This is not what I do normally, as my regular followers will know.  I won't do it again tomorrow, honest!  In fact I am hoping to show you pictures of lots of crafting goodies from the Stamping & Beading Show, Artisan, where I am going tomorrow, yay!   I'm just off now to make my 'Must Buy' list! :-)

Thanks for reading and for any comments you may leave,
See you tomorrow,
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