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Wednesday 1 September 2010

Fabulous Dubai

This is a photo of an incredible waterfall in a shopping mall in Dubai:

I love those diving figures!

My husband sent me some photos that he took on his last trip on the way back to China.  Apparently his first flight to Dubai was late so he missed his connecting flight to China and had to spend a night in Dubai.
He was able to take a little trip around the sites and took a few photos that I would like to share:
The World's Tallest Building

Another shopping mall -
with a giant aquarium that goes through all the floors...
..with sharks in it!
This is a 'posh' hotel called the Burj Al Arab..
...and this is a 12 lane motorway :-O!:
* * * * *
I also did a little photo manipulation myself today, I found out about a program on the web that you can change ordinary scenes like this (taken at Playmobil Fun Park in Germany):
into a model village:
using a program called tilt-shift.  Clever huh?

One more, also taken at Playmobil Fun Park:
From this:
to this:
What fun!

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog, nice to know I'm missed xx

When you mentioned sharks I had an image of the glass breaking at the bottom & bottom floor of the Mall becoming a new aquarium for them :)

Love the "miniture" photo effect you've found, very cool!

Carmen said...

I had the exact same image in my head as K... although there was some chomping going on in mine! What does that say about us? *g*

Catching up now the girls are back at school, feels like I'm so behind with Blogland!

Kandi said...

That tilt shift thing is brill it does look like a model village, I can't get my head around it.
Kandi x

Carole said...

great photos :)

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