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Sunday 5 September 2010

MSE Decorating Idea

Today's craft is a frugal one - using a free resource - very mse - that's moneysavingexpert for those of you that don't know - its a very useful UK website with a fab forum that lists lots of bargains and has a fantastic crafting community on the Special Occasions board.  The resource I'm talking about is wallpaper sample books that you can pick up for free from decorating shops.

I used a sample wallpaper sheet to cover a sketchbook that I will be using as a general day journal:
The wallpaper sample book I used for this particular project wasn't free, I bought it from a charity shop for £2, but I went in a decorating shop recently and they told me they were getting rid of their current selection of wallpaper sample books in September (I went in August) and that I could come and help myself.
This is the book I used. It's ginormous and has very posh papers in it..
Some are foiled...
and lots of them have very BOLD prints.

These books are very useful for crafting. You just need space somewhere (very large!) to keep them.

Thanks for reading and for any comments that you may have made,
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Melanie Marshall said...

I think i'm in love! Gorgeous papers, remind me of flicking through books for hours to choose wallpaper and working out the pricing... HOW MUCH?! :) xXx

Carmen said...

That would make a gorgeous journal wouldn't it. Top tip Nicky - thanks :D

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