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Saturday 25 September 2010

Retro Pegs

This is something that has been on my 'To Do Sometime' List for quite a while  I have often seen them on blogs and thought what a great but simple idea they were:
Decorated pegs.

The pegs I have used here are genuinely old ones so I haven't covered them completely as it seems a shame to cover up their genuine heritage.

In fact, in respect of their history, I used retro papers on them
I liked the idea of using matching buttons on them too.
I have used 3 layers of Modge Podge on the paper to protect them and strong glue dots were used to stick the buttons on.  At a later date I think I might make some matching accessories.

Hope you're having a good weekend,
Thanks for stopping by and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


RosieB said...

love this idea, I'm adding it to my list of hm christmas gifts!
rosieben :)

PepPop said...

Love these, great for little notes. Great retro look too. Jaqui x

Sarah said...

These are gorgeous!!! Love it that you haven't covered the whole of the peg with paper x

Kandi said...

Loving your pegs!! I am glad to find another Calvin and Hobbes Fan, I have them all too and about 17 years ago I chased a man for half a mile across Newcastle to ask him where he got his Calvin and Hobbes T Shirt from only for him to reply 'New York'!
Kandi x

Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your opinion and way of thinking, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Norman

dizzytina said...

I keep saying i will do some of these too! yours look fab well done x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thank you everyone for such nice comments, and thats really touching, Anonymous Norman.

Kandi - Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin & Hobbs refused to allow merchandising of his characters (I think he tells you in his last ever book) which is why you couldn't get them easily. I got an 'illegal' one from a market once and made myself a fridge magnet.

Nicky x

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